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Guidelines for Contributors

Your manuscript should have a length of 10-18 pages. Please submit the paper via e-mail attachment to one of the editors. Illustrations (incl. music examples) should be sent as separate files (360dpi for color, 1200 for b/w, png-files). Please mark the intended position of the illustration in your manuscript.

Contributors have to make a statement that they are in the possession of all rights of publication for their paper (text, illustrations, music examples, soundfiles...). Without such a signed statement your article will not be published. All rights remain with the authors as long as later exercises of these rights by the author do not endanger the publication in Samples.

All contributions should come up to the Rules of Good Scientific Practice of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.

Style sheet

Please understand that we have to decline submissions that do not or only insufficiently follow our formal guidelines. Formal revision of citations is very time-consuming and cannot be carried out by the editors.

The editors will layout the text. Please use only a single font and no format templates (e.g. for headlines). If you wish to stress single words or phrases please use italics and no bold type or underlining.
Please use neither manual nor automatic hyphenation.
Please use either English or American spelling consequently.
Please use footnotes, no endnotes. Footnotes should be used sparingly and only where necessary.


Citations should be made according to Harvard style of referencing. Please do not use footnotes for citations.

Please use the following format (ref. to this example):
(Author year: page) [eg.: (Luhmann 1984: 34)]

Please use the following style for your bibliography:


Surname, first name / surname, first name / surname, first name (ed.) (year). Title. Subtitle. Place: Publisher.


Name, first name (year). "Title. Subtitle." In: Title of book. Ed. by first name name, first name name and first name name (= title of series vol. no.). Place: Publisher, p. pages.

Name, first name (year). "Title. Subtitle." In: title of journal year, no. (if possible), p. pages.

Articles in encyclopaedias that quote names of authors (like e.g. in New Grove and MGG) are quoted similar to articles in books.

Sound recordings:

Records (albums):
Name of Band/Singer (year of copyright). Title. Label catalogue no. [ex.: WR 12345-7].

Single titles:
Name of Band/Singer (year of copyright). "Title." On: Title [of album]. Label catalogue no. [ex.: WR 12345-7].

Please refer to the examples in this file.

Quotations of titles of books, songs, albums within a text:

Titles of books, journals, albums/CDs and movies should be printed in italics.
Titles of articles, single pieces of music and music videos of single pieces of music should be set in quotation marks.
Please note that names of works, which include genres (esp. in art music), should neither be printed in italics nor set in quotation marks (e.g. Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3, in E flat, op. 55, but Beethoven’s "Eroica").

Citations of web pages:

Please cite web pages as far as possible in the same style as printed literature. If possible quote authors and editors of a page as well as its title. Author name and title should be followed by URL and date (if possible). You may quote the date of the version of the page if given (“Version from 1.3.2007”) and should quote the date of access (“accessed 12.12.2007”).

Quoting of names:

All names should be given in full on first occurrence in the text (please no abbreviations of first names). Subsequently use surnames only. The bibliography should always give full names and first names. 

Omissions in quotations:

If you omit parts of quotations please mark them with [...]. Omissions that you find already in the original source are marked with ... (no square brackets).